May 30, 2017-

The three teams that won this year’s Go Code Colorado challenge — a program of the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office that wrapped up May 24 in Denver — included one team from Colorado Springs.

Upon winning the app-development competition, the three teams each walked away with a $25,000 contract with the state of Colorado, as well as a sponsor incentive package, according to a May 25 Go Code news release.

The winning Colorado Springs team was Drip (initially called GoWater), which “created a platform that will streamline the effort required to track down numerous sources of water and environmental data that affects the value of land,” according to the release.

“We have personally experienced the pain associated with finding water information and have the support from our community to continue development of Drip,” said Drip team member David Haynie.

Drip and the other two winning teams, Hud Buddy (Fort Collins) and Magpie Supply (Denver), moved on to the statewide finals after finding victory in their local challenge weekends — in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Denver, Grand Junction and Durango — which ran April 1-3. Each region sent two teams to the Denver finals.

“These teams won amongst a competitive field of participants that started with 43 teams made up of 240 participants — both records for the program,” according to the release.

The final event took place at the Denver Performing Arts Center and was the fourth of its kind in the state. During the final competition, the 10 teams from around the state (two from each locale) pitched to a five-judge panel on how they demonstrated innovative use of public data, the feasibility of the app and its marketplace appeal, as well as how it helps businesses make informed decisions.

“I continue to be impressed by the creativity and collaboration of the Go Code Colorado teams,” Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams said in the release. “Teams continue to show the value of public data if we can get it into the hands of innovative and entrepreneurial people who have a different perspective on how to use it. … I’m looking forward to how Drip, Hud Buddy and Magpie Supply continue to develop their ideas beyond the competition.”